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Pearly Penile Papules Treatment - How To Take them off

Men that experienced pearly penile papules are often faced with a deprivation of self and sexual confidence. The main reason being, they're embarrassed and fear that their manhood is being questioned by their partners or anyone who knows them, including their parents and friends.

As a result, many hoped that they can find a way to remove their pearly penile papules by seeking out various natural home remedies such as toothpaste as well as visit the extent of cutting or piercing them with a hot needle.

Pearly Penile Papules

Needless to say, none of these work and also the end result is always a sore and swelling penis.

Should you be looking for the right pearly penile papules treatment that actually work, you have to seek specialist out of your doctor and take away them through plastic surgery.

Before committing to such decision to having them removed, observe that pearly penile papules are in fact harmless and they're not in any way, related nor are they any kind of std or STDs.

Scientifically speaking, pearly penile papules are formed when your grease glands in the ridge of the penis are blocked. In fact, males between age 20 to 40 have a 48% possibility of providing them with. The probabilities and probability are reduced and dropped while you age.

That is to say, ppp are actually a very common problem among males which is not necessary to have them removed.

However, many still decide to since it helps you to boost sexual confidence and also helps you to put their partner's mind at ease.

You will find basically 3 cosmetic surgical methods available in the market right now to assist you to remove those little bumps on the penis.

1) CO2 Laser Removal - This really is undoubtedly, the best way of removing the lesions in the glans of your penis. What this method does would be that the lesions has been removed by using a co2 laser, all without damaging the nearby skin.

Though highly effective and recommend, it is good to notice that the process could be painful and outpatient treatment methods are necessary to ensure that the swelling and redness to help ease.


The entire recovery process should take no more than 2 weeks with some medication and pain killers. The outcome though, like many has agreed, is worthwhile.

2) Electro surgery - The elctro surgery technique is an older version of surgery with regards to pearly penile papules removal. This surgical method removes the lesions by scraping them away under anesthesia. because it is done by scraping, the lesions is going to be removed but an effort of wounds and soreness would be left behind.

While proven to be good at taking out the lesions, the electro-surgical method have a superior possibility of scarring and it is therefore, not the recommended treatment or option to use. (In the end, removing the lesions are solely for cosmetic purposes).

3) Surgical Excision - The ultimate technique is the surgical excision method, the industry mixture of the CO2 laser and also the electro surgery.

Exactly what the surgical excision method does is that it removes the lesions are surgically and closed them track of sutures.

It reduces the chances of scarring but since it is less targeted compared to CO2 laser removal method, it may cause lots of discomfort and also the outpatient recovery period is usually much longer.

Overall, the recommended method to safely remove your pearly penile papules is by the CO2 laser surgery. While the cost might be high, it has proven itself to be the best way of removing those little bumps without leaving any scars.

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